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Lagos Nigeria

Research & Analysis 

At Empirika, we are proud to offer a range of research services in the field of security and development. Our team is composed of experts with cutting-edge knowledge in a variety of areas, including crime prevention, counter terrorism, migration, climate change, and development.


We use a variety of research methods, including both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, to provide our clients with in-depth, evidence-based analysis of these complex issues. We also have a wide network of consultants in hard-to-reach areas, which allows us to provide our services in a wide range of locations.


We are committed to conducting our research in an ethical manner. We place a strong emphasis on ensuring that our research adheres to the highest ethical standards, and we take care to minimize any potential negative impacts of our work on the communities and individuals we study.​

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Peace & Mediation

At Empirika, we are deeply committed to fostering peace and facilitating mediation among conflicting parties. Our team specialises in conflict resolution, leveraging a deep understanding of local and geopolitical dynamics and cultural sensitivities to bridge divides and promote dialogue.

Given the opportunity, we approach mediation in a context-sensitive and ethical manner, tailoring our strategies to the unique circumstances and needs of each situation. Our methods prioritise transparency and fairness, aiming to empower all parties involved through informed consent and active participation.

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Specialist services

At Empirika, we provide a range of specialist services to our clients. Our team of experts is highly trained and experienced in a variety of specialized areas, including:

- Geospatial analysis and crime and conflict mapping

- Agent-based modelling

- Social network analysis

- Monitoring and evaluation


Our specialists are able to provide in-depth, expert-level analysis and support in these areas, helping our clients to gain a better understanding of the issues they are dealing with and make informed decisions.


Our specialists also provide training in the following areas: 

- Qualitative research methods

- Interviewing skills

- OSINT methods

- Productivity tools for researchers

- Crime analysis and mapping

- Cybersecurity awareness and tools

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