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Leadership & Coordination

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Alex Bish

Crime, conflict and migration in West and North Africa

Specialist on organised crime, armed groups, terrorism, migration, and political dynamics in West and North Africa. EPSRC PhD researcher in Security and Crime Science at UCL.



José Luis Hernández-Ramírez

Geospatial and crime analysis in Latin America

Economist and specialist in developing spatiotemporal models for crime analysis. Former Director for Public Security Analysis at the Mexican Ministry for National Security. Vast experience training police forces in the USA and Latin America. 


Yasmina El Amine

Development and climate change in MENA

Specialist on climate change adaptation, water and energy security and sustainable transitions in the MENA region. PhD researcher on energy transition in Tunisia. 


Wafa Elahi, MEng

Energy and migration

Specialist in Energy Access for displaced and rural communities. Background in engineering and experience working on and researching projects focusing on infrastructure and services for last mile communities. PhD Candidate at UCL.

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Dr Donia Khanegi

Drug trade and human trafficking

Dr Donia Khanegi is a Research Fellow at UCL where she received her PhD in Security and Crime Science in 2022. Her research focusses on human trafficking and drug trafficking with a focus on Latin America and Ukraine.


Phirapat Mangkhalasiri, CPP, PMP

Human trafficking & policing in South-East Asia

Phirapat has worked as a police officer in Thailand for nine years, both as an investigator and lecturer. Most recently, his research has focussed on police responses to child trafficking in Thailand for his PhD research at UCL.


Sarah Zheng

Data science, AI and cybersecurity

Sarah is a data scientist specialising in behavioural analytics, applied machine learning and human-computer interaction. She uses psychology, AI and digital technology to help people detect online deceptions, such as phishing and fake news. Final year PhD candidate in cybersecurity at UCL.

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Juliana Gómez-Quintero

Crime analysis in Latin America, simulation and systems modelling

Engineer and researcher in crime science. Experience in system dynamics, agent-based models and risk analysis. PhD candidate in Security and Crime Science at UCL. Currently researching the distribution of harm across the cocaine trade in Colombia. Examples of previous projects include simulating coca crops, cocaine production and interventions; modelling the special jurisdiction for peace of Colombia to estimate workflows and costs; and identifying future crimes enabled by the metaverse.

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Shirah Z. Mansaray

Policy and legal advisor

Lawyer, policy advisor and researcher. Shirah has over fifteen years of experience in the legal and humanitarian sector, advising the UN, Council of Europe and Amnesty International (Trustee and Non-Executive Director). She is the founder of I Am Somebody's Child Soldier, an NGO supporting over 800 war-affected children in Uganda. Shirah is also an EPSRC PhD Candidate at UCL's Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and
Public Policy.


Raquel Pujadas

Peace and security

Research, monitoring and evaluation specialist in child protection, transnational organized crime, migration, gender, youth, and counter-terrorism. Founder of Pujadas Consulting.


Aliai Eusebi

Data Science, AI and ethics

Specialist in developing machine learning models with a focus on mitigating ethical issues related to black-box, biased or adversarially vulnerable AI when responding to socially sensitive problems. EPSRC PhD researcher in Cybersecurity at UCL. 

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